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Subject: Re: File not parsed looks like binary
Author: MikeC
Date: 08/22/2004 07:05
Ok - the code generating the jpegs is setting their content
type to text/html in the headers.  I can't change what the
server module is doing.  Is there a way to set HTTrack to
ignore the content type in the headers?  I've tried setting
a jpg -> image/jpeg mapping in the MIME options, but the
file is saved as text.  It's saved with a jpg extension but
the file is not a jpeg binary - it's text.

Oddly enough when I open one of the suspect jpegs in Firefox
it tries to display it as HTML, but when I try it in IE it
is rendered as a jpeg.  Is it possible to get HTTrack to
ignore the header content type and force all .jpg files to
be image/jpeg type?
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File not parsed looks like binary

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Re: File not parsed looks like binary

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