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Subject: A bug in v3.32-2
Author: I.N
Date: 08/29/2004 15:54
I don't think this is a serious bug, but a bugs a bug.

1. Make a new project named
2. In the text area listed under "Web Addresses: (URL)" type 
in 60 addresses (in my case 90 chars in length).
3. Click Next and stop transfer to return to the screen 
where it says "Project Name"
4. Choose the same Project with the 60 address from the 
drop-down menu.

WinHTTrack crashes with a some "dont send" errors.

It might be that the uneditable text-area in the "info" 
group does not handle long lines.

I'm using a WinXP-SP2

Hope this might be fixed for the next version (improved 
interface maybe?)

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A bug in v3.32-2

08/29/2004 15:54


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