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Subject: MaxHtml bug ?
Author: Dysmas de Lassus
Date: 08/29/2004 19:14
Perhaps a bug in 3.32-2 

I updated a big site with the following options : 


the result is that all html files bigger than 100000 were 
deleted, as well as non html files (jpg for example). The 
latest was expected, not the first. I thought that if 
nothing was stated for html files, there would be no limit 
for them. 

here is an extract of the log (hudreds of files like that) : 

07:07:44	Warning: 	Big file cancelled according to 
user's preferences: www.vatican.

07:07:44	Error: 	"File too big" (0) at link www. (from www. 

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MaxHtml bug ?

08/29/2004 19:14


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