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Subject: questions in batch???
Author: Juan Jose Bianchi
Date: 09/03/2004 16:05
I used WinHTTrack to generate the project, then I put an 
scheduled task with HTTrack using the parameters in 
The task execute this:
"C:\Mis documentos\Villa Dolores\Villa Dolores\batpru1.bat"

where batpru1.bat   contains the following:

"C:\Archivos de 
programa\WinHTTrack\httrack.exe" <>
pronosticos/ciudad.php?provincia=C&oacute;rdoba&ciudad=Villa+Dolores" -O
documentos\Villa Dolores\Villa Dolores,C:\Mis 
documentos\Villa Dolores\Villa Dolores" +*.png +*.gif 
+*.jpg +*.css +*.js* -*/*costa* -
*/*maram* -*/*menu-ski* -*/*pronos* -%A 

It works fine, but open a DOS window and ask me something 
like this:

A site may have mirrored here, that could mean that you 
want to update it.
Be sure parameters are OK.
Press (Y)<Enter> to confirm, (N) to abort

after that I answer Y and works OK and close the window.

I want to know how can I avoid the answer, because this is 
a batch process (an unattended process).

Can anybody help me???Thanks

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