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Subject: Someone is trying to sell HTTrack
Author: Napalm
Date: 09/09/2004 05:50
hi dev team and all httrack users,
I hav'nt used this amazing kit since its first release 
version 1 and I've just been searching the web for this 
project for awhile and as i stubled thru lists and links i 
was shocked to see a site advertising a ripped copy of 


by the look of the software it is just httrack for windows 
with its programs resources slightly modified to correct 
the names and replace bitmaps.

I myself am not going to buy the product to test it, but I 
thought I might let the dev team know as not only is it 
against the GPL and other licences software vendors use it 
is just not a moral thing to do. Take someone elses work 
and just rebadge it and SELL it, if this is not the case i 

It would be nice to find out if i am correct and if so see 
there website closed forthwith.

All the best to everyone..


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