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Subject: please help , with a forum i copied
Author: Daniel
Date: 09/09/2004 14:04
I am having trouble with getting all the info from the 
forums area in a website .I have tried like 20 different 
times trying different things . I get the website to mirror 
but ,when i click on forums the forums will pop up with 
about 10 different subjects , when I click on the subject 
it will come up ,with all the different postings under that 
subject but then when i click on them I see nothing and 
some times i see a meassage (web page unavailable while 
offline) also some subjects have 20 pages of old posting I 
would like to read them, how far can Httrack go to get 
them .I can read all of the old posting while online ,I 
don't really need all the misc info on the site ,like the 
stuff they sell and pics and so on I just really need all 
the forums and old postings .I put 
in the box for the site that i want to mirror. I have tried 
in default settings mode and i have tried filters I put* to get more of the 
forums and to buy/* to get 
less of the other info . i must be doing some thing wrong!! 
thanks again in advance----Daniel


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please help , with a forum i copied

09/09/2004 14:04


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