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Subject: bug with dreamweaver popup menu links
Author: John Dell
Date: 09/09/2004 22:00

First, I love HTTRACK!  I have a dreamweaver site that I
inherited which uses popup menu navigation.  The problem
occurs with links that are more than 8 characters.  HTTRACK
trims the saved filename down to 8 chars in the actual file,
but it leaves the original filename in the js resulting in a
broken link.  

The links are specified in the <HEAD> section such as the

In this case, HTTRACK would save the target as
'principl.htm' but leave the js link as the original

If you like to test this out, just setup a quick spider of

You will see that the 2nd level popups for any link longer
than 8 characters triggers this bug.

John Dell

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09/09/2004 22:00
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