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Subject: Question about user defined structure
Author: ivnm
Date: 09/13/2004 06:42
I have the following question:
For example I download from same web site with different 
values in query string variables and different variables
I would like all files from the first link to be saved in 
folder A (or AAA or some other name), files from second 
link to be saved in folder B and etc. I read the forum, 
but I coundn't figure out how to do this. Any suggestions?
I read about option %[param::::]
and, if that's possible, in some of the next versions of 
HTTrack this option could become like this %
REPLACE means a=123 will be changed to REPLACE or 
something else, for example, but not to 123 nor other 
numerical value.

Besides, can I use nested %[param] - something like this:
I tried it and it didn't work as I expected. Am I missing 

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Question about user defined structure

09/13/2004 06:42


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