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Subject: "Fatal error" crash
Author: Olivier Barthelemy
Date: 09/16/2004 23:56
While updating a very large web site (80.000 files, 2.7 
gigs, 8.000 folders)

The original grabbing of the site went well, the crash 
occurs while updating it.

I get 3 simultaneous errors:
- a Windows "virtual memory too low" (Win XP, 384 Megs, a 
couple of small apps -BOINC, Opera- running at the same 
- a WinHTTrack fatal error "assert failed: 
zip_disk_write_failed in file "\dev\htscache.c", line 331
- an AlbumDB2 error, but the error dialog box doesn't 
refresh, so I don't know which one exactly.

HTTrack 3.32.02 closed at '\Dev\htscache.c', line 331
assert failed: zip_disk_write_failed

I'll try again without caching all content.

Best regards, and thanks for a very useful program.


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"Fatal error" crash

09/16/2004 23:56
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