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Subject: multiple webpages on one domain
Author: Donny_S2004
Date: 09/19/2004 10:28
how do i download mulitple webpages / subfolders of a 
single domain each has its won index file:

<>  <--has 10 images
<>  <-- has 3 images
<>  <--- has 24 images
<>  <--etc

Ihave tried entering just <> but 
HTTrack only downloads a few files from the main page and 
nothing of but jumbled usless files. I can download 
<>  but have to do this for each 
sub, and there are lots, like 200+ so if theres a way to 
get HTTrack to do it as a script or something then its 
gonna save me a while lot of time!!!! or is there another 
program available thats got not tick box options/rules?
Tahnks loadsa if you can help!!

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multiple webpages on one domain

09/19/2004 10:28
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