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Subject: Re: Mirroring to infinity
Author: Leto
Date: 09/20/2004 01:11
> I'm having troubles with downloading a website, mainly 
> when it gets to the calendar section, it tries to download 
> as much of the calendar as possible.

Yes a lovely calender trap. We often have trouble with 
these, but at least this particular one is "capped" to 
certain years -- I've seen many which are not.

You need to analyse how the calender works and put in rules 
to prevent HTTrack going too far backwards or forwards 
through the months.  If you keep following the "previous 
month" link you get to


If you want to stop at January 2004 then you would add that 
link as an exclusion rule:*year=2003

Similarly, to stop before reaching a certain future year, 
add an exclusion rule:*year=2006

Those two exclusion will give you the calender range 01/2004 
to 12/2005
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