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Subject: Callbacks and GUI
Author: Leto
Date: 09/20/2004 02:17
The httrack-py wrapper looks rather good.  Perhaps I should 
start learning Python :)

I'm not really a programmer per se, so excuse my ignorance, 
but would something like callbacks allow construction of a 
GUI to control Httrack?
I'm trying to get my head about the concept. A callback 
wrapper is written which HTTrack is then instructed to use, 
so that various functions within HTTrack can be given 
extended control and functionality through the callbacks?
If that's the case, I don't really see how a GUI might be 
executed and then made to start and control and instance of 
HTTrack with feedback returned to the GUI.

I may be looking at things backwards, not sure, just thought 
I'd ask and get an idea of how insane I'd need to be to 
write a new GUI ;)

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