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Subject: Re: Callbacks and GUI
Author: Abel Deuring
Date: 09/21/2004 01:12
> 2. Most of httrack's functionality is in a shared library / 
> DLL, hence you could write a GUI program that links this
> library. I never thought about that when I wrote httrack-py,
> (I'm more a fan of command line programs, and httrack-py is 
> the proverbial scratching-an-itch project), but looking 
> into libtest/example.c of the httrack sources, it seems
> to be worth a try to add some "python glue" for hts_init
> and hts_main to httrack-py. Combined with a GUI toolkit 
> for Python like Tk or wxWindows, it should not be too
> difficult to write a custom GUI for httrack.

OK, a C extension allowing to call httrack's "engine" from
a Python program (combined with Python callbacks, of course)
is available in version 0.5 of httrack-py. Not very well 
tested, but it seems to work ;) The documentation is
probably a bit terse for beginners, but feel free to drop 
me a mail, if you have questions.

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