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Subject: Re: problems with menujs
Author: Abel Deuring
Date: 09/21/2004 21:23
> I searched the forum and found several threds about that -
> but not a solution for me. I use the menujs-script for
> dropdown-menues on a cms (php-based). they are all in the
> page. I already changed the location to a complete url - but
> there is neighter a repalcement nor will HTTrack follow
> these links. 

Well, the "Javascript thingies" called Menu and addMenuItem
do not belong to the regular DOM methods provided by a 
modern browser, but they are custom to the pages you want
to mirror. As I already wrote in another thread, I don't 
believe that such stuff will ever be properly parsed by
a general purpose HTML mirror program like httrack. 
httrack's parser is even today quite complex, and unless
somebody comes up with an absolutely ingenious idea for
a better parser or for "robust heuristics", the attempt to 
find links in arbitrary Javascript code would most likely
turn the maintenance of the parser into nightmare. But 
again, I'm not httrack's author.

> How is it possible to track also these links?
Again an advertisement for my httrack-py extension: Try
it ;) It allows you to change the HTML text of a page,
before and parsing by httrack, hence you can:
1) easily search for these "menu links",
2) add them temporarily to the HTML text as simple <a href>
3) let httrack parse the modified page, 
4) look for changes in the temporarily inserted links, 
5) copy these changes into the "menu links"
6) remove the temporarily inserted <a href> links
7) return the HTML text to the httrack core.

But IMHO this is indeed a job for an extension of 
httrack, otherwise httrack would become more or less 

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