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Subject: Trouble with PHP login access. Ideas?
Author: Sam
Date: 09/23/2004 18:33
I'm trying to download some pages from a site that I have to log in to each 
time. It sets a unique ID cookie, and after I log in, I can surf the whole
When I copy the cookie file to my httrack folder and try it, it doesn't work
only suck down the login page). And then back in my browser, when I 
refresh, I now have to log in again.

So, it looks like when httrack tries to access the site, the site sees it as a
browser using the same ID and resets the ID. I tried using the same user 
agent for httrack, but that didn't work.

Any other ideas?


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Trouble with PHP login access. Ideas?

09/23/2004 18:33


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