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Subject: --build-top-index limits to 39 links?
Author: Paul Davis
Date: 09/24/2004 18:53
I am mirroring a subset of pages of a website. The pages 
have links that are of the form:


and so on. Part of the path changes but not the name of the 
main page in that directory. I dont have any problem 
grabbing the contents. But what happens is when I grab the 
40th page, it replaces the last one on the index and purges 
it. i.e. if the 39th link on the index page points to http:
// and I grab http:
//, 77777 replaces 99999 
as the last item on the index page and 99999 is purged! Here 
is my command line:

httrack <$number/page.html> --near 
--continue --build-top-index --cookies=1 --robots=0 
--max-rate=16000 --sockets=2 --cache=1

have I misunderstood the usage of --build-top-index ?

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--build-top-index limits to 39 links?

09/24/2004 18:53


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