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Subject: questions + suggestions
Author: Tim
Date: 09/25/2004 22:36
Questions first

1.Are there anyway to copy pictures from MSN Group? 
HTTRack copied the jpg files, but it turns out it is a 
html file saying error in opening the file. And the 
pictures are save as for example as "yuhji-8.jpg?dc=4675490507221029264"
instead of "yuhji-8.jpg". Any 
suggestion? I used both newest and beta version. The 
pictures are accessiable in IE.

2. After I upgraded to beta, whenever I open the program, 
it uses 100% of cpu power. A bug prehaps?


1. Is there a way to specify how many active connections 
are allow to a certain domain? Some domain don't allow 
multiple connections.

2. Anyway to specify if a certain type of file is lower 
than a given size, HTTrack will not save it?
Thank you

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09/25/2004 22:36
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