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Subject: Does "external depth" work properly ?
Author: Takashi SASAKI
Date: 09/27/2004 08:32
I noticed a strange behavior with 3.33beta3
related to "Maximum mirroring depth (abbr. MMD)"
and "Maximum external depth (abbr. MED)".

Here is an example.

I tried to get the website <>.
With (MMD, MED)=(3,0) I got 54 files.
With (MMD, MED)=(3,1) I got only 4 files.
With (MMD, MED)=(3,2) I got 54 files again.
With (MMD, MED)=(3,3) I got 54 files too.

What happens when I run HTTrack with MED=1.
Can anyone tell me the exact definition of MMD and MED ?
The phenomenon occurs not only on the website above.
I experienced the same trouble sometimes.

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Does "external depth" work properly ?

09/27/2004 08:32
Re: Does "external depth" work properly ?

09/27/2004 13:36
'External link problem' still remains in 3.33beta4

10/14/2004 08:10


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