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Subject: Segmentation Fault / Hangs
Author: pablo
Date: 09/27/2004 15:20

I am running Fedota Core 1 (Yarrow) and have tried the 
binary RPM's and the source for the current release, and 
even the latest beta source to solve this problem 

If httrack is interupted, either manually by a CTRL & C, or 
a reboot, the service will not restart. Below is the error 
message I get:

>> Mirror launched on Mon, 27 Sep 2004 14:07:58 by HTTrack 
>> Website Copier/3.33-beta-3 [XR&CO'2004]
>> mirroring  with the wizard help..
>> 14:07:58        Info:   9 links added 
from /data/software/1
>> 14:07:58        Warning:        Cache: damaged cache, 
trying to repair
>> Segmentation fault

I am invoking httrack with the following command 
line 'httrack --mirror --list /data/software/1 -P -a -d --verbose'

Any ideas?

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Segmentation Fault / Hangs

09/27/2004 15:20
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10/02/2004 15:47


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