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Subject: Mirroring eXtreme Tracking
Author: Fuerst
Date: 09/29/2004 17:01

I try to mirror a eXtreme Tracking Site, it's a free tracker 
which is available from <>.

The problem is the following: After downloading, I'm not 
able to browse through the sites. On some browsers I even 
can't open a single page, but this problem can be solved 
with disabling JavaScript. Anyway, browsing does not working 
because of the following:
The links in the files are like:
but the filenames are like

I saw that this ?login=xxx does not make any trouble on 
toher site, but with extremetracking it does. Does anybody 
know a workarround for this without changing the html-links 
in the mirror? I read through Cohens guide but didn't saw a 

Thank you and specially thanx for HtTrack, it's great!!



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Mirroring eXtreme Tracking

09/29/2004 17:01


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