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Subject: Re: html tag parsing - javascript issue
Author: Abel Deuring
Date: 10/05/2004 22:54
> I tried them but they return the link (absolute or 
> relative) but not the tag in which they were declared.

OK, I did not understood your problem.

> So I got all links, all css, html pictures ...
> How can I make the difference between html declared by 
> iframe or frame tag and those declared by a href?> 
> I want to get only inline objetc need to diplay a page.

Xavier already announced a new callback which provides
what you need; if you need a really urgent solution, you
could use the callbacks preprocess-html and 
postprocess-html. In preprocess-html, you can "hide" the
URLs you don't want to be processed further, eg., by
replacing them with a base-64 encoded string; after the
page has been processed by httrack, you can restore the
the original data. <adv>With Python, this is a quite easy 
job, provided the HTML data you need to parse is halfway 
valid ;) </adv>

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