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Subject: Need help downloading this site
Author: sam
Date: 10/06/2004 22:14
There are a bunch of forums I would like to download from
<> but the links keep
referring to the actual website rather than the downloaded

Here is one of the forums I would like to download:

The threads are removed from the list after a certain period
of time and when I try to access an older one on my
downloaded copy of the forum I get this message:


    I couldn't find that message, but there are plenty more
in the Tractors Forum.

This tells me that the link in the downloaded copy is trying
to access the website.

I have tried so many things from experimenting with the
depth, browser id, path, and more.  Would someone please
help me with the proper setup so I can save these forums to
my hard drive?  

Thank you.


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Need help downloading this site

10/06/2004 22:14


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