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Subject: Masterlist option?
Author: Relic
Date: 10/11/2004 07:22
I have noticed many sites link to each other, and was hoping
there was or could be a master list that keeps track of all
the sites in whatever category (textfile) you download.

A lot of sites have "a" leads to "b" and "b" leads back to
"a" linking.  

To minimize the bandwidth used and protect against
redownloading sites, should you not have the settings
correct or go down extra levels from the first site as with
a webring or any site with multiple link outs; a check
against all sites in that category (textfile list url/~dir)
would be a good option.

This option would need to be able to be accessed by choice
each time you start a new download so if you download
different themes you would be able to select which one fits
the site you would be downloading.

Is this in httrack and if not how difficult would it be to add?

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10/11/2004 07:22
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