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Subject: Downloading just a few links within a website
Author: Chris
Date: 10/11/2004 18:03
Hi everyone,

This is going to be a bit hard to explain, but I want to 
find out if WinHTTrack can do it before I attempt it. Ok, we 
have a website (say that contains 
walkthroughs/cheat codes/tips/hints etc for games. Now, the 
site is very large, so downloading it all is not an option. 
I basically want to just download the pages relevant to the 
games I have. Now, the structure of the site is thus:
*homepage for individual game
*FAQ's page for individual game (with links to .txt FAQ's - 
but .txt's are only linked by a redirect url of 
which calls
*Cheats page (
*Reviews page (I don't want this -
*Message boards page (I don't want this either - links 
straight to
As you can see, a complex structure. Basically, I only want 
the FAQ's and Cheats page for each game. Can this be done in 
WinHTTrack (preferably all in the one project - ie I add the 
same paths for game #2, game #3 etc all in the one project).



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Downloading just a few links within a website

10/11/2004 18:03
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