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Subject: HOWTO Fix Password Problem
Author: l3pyr
Date: 10/16/2004 07:10
I just spent the better part of an hour fixing a
password-related issue I was having, and I thought maybe it
would help people out.  Here's the skinny.  I like doing the
cheap 2-day trials at certain types of sites (use your
imagination) and downloading everything they have.  The site
I was working on tonight was setup with a movie listing
located at:
while the movies were located in their own directories like
 Problem was putting
would work for that file and the other html files it linked
to but HTTRACK didn't realize it had to include the username
and password again when the url changed to
or any of the other movies (note as_ms in the above url is
changed for every movie).  Putting
into the urls to scan page would only end assigning the
password to that one movie file ... and of course I don't
want to get all the links together and type them all in
there as that would defeat the time-saving purpose of the
whole ordeal.  Long story shorter, placing
teaches HTTRACK to place the username and password into the
url for EVERY movie file to download fitting that form. 
Solved my problem and hopefully it will solve some others as

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