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Subject: .pdf files keeps as .html ...?
Author: Iv
Date: 11/02/2004 22:25
Why? What to do? Below information from status window

File: /download/?url=%2Fdata%2Fproduct%
>Name: C:/My Web 
>ContentType: application/pdf
>StatusCode: 200 (OK)
>InternalStatus: 1 (receiving)
>StatusMessage: OK
>HTTP/1.1: no
>ChunkMode: no
>TestMode: no
>HeadRequest: no
>NotModified: no
>WriteToDisk: yes
>LocalFile: no
>Size: 56501
>TotalSize: 152980

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.pdf files keeps as .html ...?

11/02/2004 22:25
Re: .pdf files keeps as .html ...?

11/07/2004 09:21


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