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Subject: *.swf sites scan...
Author: Chi-Huy
Date: 11/03/2004 03:43

    I was founding another website copier that can scan 
swf files : MemoWeb 4 Discovery version (french) ! The web 
site where I found it is : 
I have a question : Can you use this software to study it 
source code to integrate it to the HTTrack Website copier 
to permit it to download swf sites ?
The problem is when you download pictures, the software 
convert someone .jpg file to .png file and there are black 
stripes on the picture because the software "crypt" these 
pictures and to uncrypt, you need to pay the full version.

                It is a shareware!!!


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*.swf sites scan...

11/03/2004 03:43
Re: *.swf sites scan...

11/07/2004 09:24


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