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Subject: Still problems with Yahoo Group messages...
Author: Douglas
Date: 11/06/2004 18:59
The accumulated messages in my Yahoo Group add up to a
valuable archive (for historians) of fact, opinion and
controversy.  It would be very useful to download all those
messages (with their links) for off-line access and
manipulation - maybe into a searchable database?
I have tried the work-arounds already described in this
forum - but still no success - my down loads keep stopping
at the "login" screen".  I am using the latest WinHTTrack
under Mozilla 1.7.3.  Non-"password-protected" sites
download just fine, by the way.

Any further thoughts as to how I can beat this difficulty?I should add -


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Still problems with Yahoo Group messages...

11/06/2004 18:59


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