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Subject: Re: C buffers Vs. C++ STL
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/07/2004 09:43
> If I add a new URL to the CurrentURL string, it crashes, 
if I remove
> it, it works. 

Use "URL list" and "URL scan rules list" features to 
overstep these limits.

> So I guess it crashes because of C buffers
> limitation used by HTTrack

That's right :)

> I used to develop C programs so I know its limitations, my
> advice would be to port HTTrack to C++ to avoid all these
> limitations

Err, if I had to rewrite httrack, I would probably use 
either "high level" C code (using macros to handle strings) 
or C++, with better comments, better code and so on ..

The current httrack code is a real mess, has a lots of 
hacks, and has many drawbacks. Well, I wrote it in 1998 
(six years ago, for most core functions), and at that time 
I was probably a better assembly programmer than a C 
programmer :)

When I look at some parts of the code now, I'm really 
embarassed: static buffers everywhere, ugly code, not 
modular enough. If I had time, I would probably throw 
everything, and rewrite everything from scratch using high-
level modules (HTTP/1.1 plugin, parsing plugins, and so 

.. but I don't have yet the time to rewrite the necessary 
50,000 lines of code, so I have to fix the problems 
progressively, using the old code :)

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