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Subject: Too many "Precondition Failed" after restarting
Author: aryan
Date: 11/08/2004 11:39
  I am trying to download a near 500mb website with too many
php pages....The speed as expected is slow due to the
dynamic content but I am getting lots and lots of
"Precondition Failed" errors. These errors started happening
after I restarted the interrupted download...something wrong
with server, httrack or bandwidth?????please respond
An example is given below

ContentType: text/html
StatusCode: 412 (Precondition Failed)
InternalStatus: 0 (ready)
StatusMessage: Precondition Failed
HTTP/1.1: yes
ChunkMode: no
TestMode: no
HeadRequest: no
NotModified: no
WriteToDisk: no
LocalFile: no
Size: 297
TotalSize: -1

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Too many "Precondition Failed" after restarting

11/08/2004 11:39


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