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Subject: HTTrack renames javascript variables
Author: Grohnny
Date: 11/12/2004 20:04
Hello.  I just started trying HTTrack recently, and I owe 
you developers many thanks.  HTTrack scratches an itch 
that's been bugging me for a long time.

Er, sorry if that sounded weird.  Anyway, even though I 
love the app, I'm actually here to report a problem.  It 
seems that HTTrack changes source files, and I can't get 
it to stop.  Here's an example.  An html file contains the 
following line:

var rolloverImageDirectory = 'img/';

Yet, when HTTrack downloads it, the line is changed to:

var rolloverImageDirectory = 'img/index.html';

As you can imagine, all files referenced with the 
rolloverImageDirectory turn into red X's.  What can I do 
to prevent this behavior?  Thanks in advance.

Oh, I'm using the latest Windows version with IE 

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HTTrack renames javascript variables

11/12/2004 20:04
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11/12/2004 20:49


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