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Subject: I Can't complie libhttrack in 2003
Author: Yeeler
Date: 11/13/2004 18:11
I'using the Visual .NET 2003 (Visual C++ 7.0) and i can't 
make the dll..i get some errors as follow:
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2449): error C2040: 
¡°filecreate¡± : ¡°FILE *(char *)¡±Óë¡°int
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2886): error C2040: 
¡°hts_declareoptbuffer¡± : ¡°httrackp *(httrackp *)¡±Óë
¡°int ()¡±µÄ

d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscache.c(1553): error C2040: 
¡°readfile¡± : ¡°char *(char *)¡±Óë¡°int
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htsback.c(1339): error C2065: 
¡°_hts_in_html_parsing¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htsname.c(391): error C2065: 
¡°_hts_in_html_parsing¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(980): error C2065: 
¡°htsAddLink¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscoremain.c(2280): error C2065: 
¡°sig_ask¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscoremain.c(2281): error C2065: 
¡°sig_finish¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2893): error C2065: 
¡°sig_term¡± : undeclare
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(3358): error C2365: 
¡°htsAddLink¡± : redfined£»
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2897): error C2365: 
¡°sig_term¡± : redfined£»
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2565): error C2371: 
¡°usercommand_exe¡± : redfined£»
d:\HTTrack\httrack\src\htscore.c(2535): error C2371: 
¡°usercommand¡± : redfined£»


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I Can't complie libhttrack in 2003

11/13/2004 18:11
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