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Subject: Copying dynamic pages
Author: little me
Date: 11/19/2004 23:13

I'm attempting to download a dynamic webpage by using 
httrack(the website i'm trying to download uses PHP). The 
download process starts fine, but the problem is that same 
pages are being downloaded multiple times because a page 
that has already been downloaded is being linked on 
another dynamic page. What I mean is that if I'll already 
downloaded the page a.php?abcd and I've just downloded 
b.php?abcd which contains a link to a.php?abcd winhttrack 
seems to download this a.php?abcd again and with a new 
file name, which leads to that one page is being saved 
many times on my hard disk. 
Is there something that can be done by configuring the 
software so at httrack knows that a.php?abcd has already 
been downloaded once?

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11/19/2004 23:13


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