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Subject: Cannot download site with ASP
Author: matson
Date: 11/21/2004 07:07
I can download other sites such as, but gives me trouble.  I have tried the Beta and the
Current versions.  The problem is at the
<> page, where there is a
simple drop down list to select the category of recipes
(like appetizer), then you press "Go" and it brings up a
page with a list of links to the individual recipes.  The
URL stays as recipes.asp the whole time, until you click on
an individual recipe, and does not seem to be using frames.
 An example of a final page it gives me for a recipe is this
Olive Garden one:
<> .  When
browsing the offline collection, I get a page that says
"...This page has not been retrieved by HTTrack...", even
though I am at the same URL.  I am on WinXP, I use FireFox
1.0 as my browser.  Do you need other information to help
me?  Error log does not seem to contain any info that I see
as useful to solve this, but I can post it, or whatever, if
needed.  Thx!  :)  -matson

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