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Subject: Referring URL
Author: Jeff
Date: 11/22/2004 17:06
I don't know all that much about the web, but when a website
uses a Referring URL, doesn't that mean that its checking
that someone hasn't just typed in the url into the address
bar, and that they got to the link they are trying to get to
from another page, hence the referring url? If so, does
HTTrack use Referring URL? Cause I'm logging into a member
section and I want the information I payed for on my
computer ^.^
So how would I tell the HTTrack to use Referring URL, cause
I believe that is the only thing stopping it, because I am
able to log in and browse the site, except I can not
directly type in any url, not even the user:password@ to log
in. So... what do I do?
Thanks in Advance

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11/22/2004 17:06
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