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Subject: Waiting for scheduled time
Author: giorgos
Date: 11/25/2004 16:26
I have recently started using WinHTTrack but I have 
encountered a problem.  When trying to download certain 
websites, the download just hangs with the message "Waiting 
for scheduled time".  I have tried to adjust various 
settings (max connections, max speed) but the problem still 
persists.  I am using Win2k.  I have seen this problem 
mentioned previously in this forum, but I didn't see a 
solution/workaround.  Any suggestions/info would be much 

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Waiting for scheduled time

11/25/2004 16:26
BTW I'm using version 3.33-beta-6

11/25/2004 16:28
Re: BTW I'm using version 3.33-beta-6

11/27/2004 10:52


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