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Subject: Problem with robots.txt - pls help
Author: Ian
Date: 11/28/2004 13:44
Hi there,

Just downloaded the httrack for windows, superb!

But having a small problem, read the docs and i believe its
the robots.txt that the website has.

Basically it is skipping the following files. Heres the msg

Note: due to remote robots.txt rules, links
begining with these path will be forbidden: /order/,
/_fpclass/, /_mmDBScripts/, /_private/, /_vti_log/,
/aspnet_client/, /awmData-incMenu/, /awmData-ko/, /classes/,
/downloads/, /IISResourceKit/, /java/, /newnewnew/,
/OLDsite/, /orderJR/, /SCRIPTS/, /W3C/ (see in the options
to disable this)

I tried adding a filter under options, Add scan rule, saying

but then it downloads macromedia website because my site has
a link on it...

Any ideas what i should do 

Thanks in advance


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Problem with robots.txt - pls help

11/28/2004 13:44
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11/28/2004 17:52


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