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Subject: Newb Question
Author: dswan
Date: 12/01/2004 21:30

I have been attempting to use HTTrack to grab a single file 
from a web directory.  I do not want the html files in the 
directory nor do I want any other file than the one I 
specify.  These are time stamped files and one will appear 
every day that I need to grab from the site and pull down 
to do some processing on.  I have read through the manual 
and I thought I had the syntax correct to do this.  I am 
receiving all html files in the directory though as well as 
every individual day's csv file, however.  I wondered if a 
more experienced user may be able to go over my command 
line and tell me where I have gone wrong.  Here is what I 

httrack <http://wwwlx01/syndreports/wb/> -O "/synd_files" "-
*.html +wb-20041130830-200412010829-200412010830500.csv"

I intend to change the name of the file I am calling every 
day and run the command from a cron job in order to just 
grab that day's file.  Additionally, If it is possible, I 
would like to rename the file to a static name such 
as "daily_dump.csv".  Is that within the realm of 
possibilities?  I do not see a command to do that but 
thought I would ask.


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