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Subject: File Naming
Author: xj
Date: 12/04/2004 16:25

I've poked and prodded, been through the manual and forum
but am not sure if I've got this correct.

I've written a list of URLs in a text file. I have
WinHTTrack grabbing and saving those files, but the names
are meaningless. Is there a way to force the program to give
a name that will match up with the original URL?

Of course what I'm really after is the number that appears
after id= , eg 1102023563. Do I understand correctly there
is no way to get it save the file as 1102023563.html or
something similar? Or am I left going through the log file
to find out 1102023563 is now bloge302.html (actual result
form recent run)? It's fine either way, but certainly the
first is easier. :)


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