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Subject: Re: Downloading files with specific extensions only
Author: Dan_A
Date: 12/08/2004 15:28
> How do I download files with only .mov or .avi extensions 
> only? I don't want to download the other stuff in a 
> website but rather just the videos. 

You have to follow html links to go down the pages, so I 
don't think that you can download just non-html files 
unless they are all linked from your start page.  Then you 
can put -* on the first line of "Scan Rules" and +*.mov 
+*.avi on the second line - it might work....

> in 
> some websites Java script is used for showing streaming 
> videos and I can't find the url to drag onto Download 
> Accelerator for download and saving in my hard disk.

The only way I know of downloading streaming data is to 
play it and record it on your PC - good luck if you have 
less than a broadband connection; naturally, you'd also 
need the right video card to run a capture of the video.  
Of course, you could write a JAVA program which would save 
all the streaming bits, but you'd have to find a way to 
distinguish the bits that you want from the bits that have 
to do with your connection, etc.

Seems like a lot of trouble for a few videos, not to 
mention that you might run into "the law":  streaming data 
is used often in order to prevent copyright infringement.  
I'd prefer to avoid the hassles, personally.  As they 
say, "there's more than one way to skin a cat," but one has 
to decide whether "skinning the cat" at all is appropriate, 
given the circumstances.

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