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Subject: Extra files ( indexXXXX.html )
Author: Michel Jullian
Date: 12/11/2004 12:45
(I hope this is the right address to post to the list?)

Hi all,

I am new here, also new to httrack and web copying software
in general!

Great software, it certainly works beautifully without any
settings necessary (default settings just work fine), thanks
congratulations to the developers!

A question though (sorry if it's been asked before), I am
getting a lot of 
extra files with names such as indexcaa7.html in the
downloaded directories, 
the number of which increases with the depth setting. Is
this due to my 
using the beta version ( 3.33-beta-8 for Win), and if not is
there a setting 
to suppress those files once download is finished?
I would like to use httrack to backup regularly the changing
bits of a 
remote SPIP site I am webmastering, that's why I would
prefer to get an 
exact image which I can upload to the remote site in the
event of a crash.

If these files can't be avoided, maybe a solution for making
an exact mirror 
a posteriori would be to name them in such a way that they
can be easily 
searched and deleted, something like httrackindexXXXX.html?
P.S. I have found a workaround by forbidding links beginning
with "?" (such as the ones allowing reordering of files in
directory listing pages), so my guess is that those extra
indexXXX.html files are  due to encountering the same link
several times while spidering.

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