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Subject: Stop Httrack processing "action" in <FORM> tag?
Author: Harald Schoen
Date: 09/26/2006 19:00
Hi folks,

I use Httrack to create static pages from a TYPO3 project which is hosted
locally. The URL is <http://localhost/eigene/typo3-src-4.0>.

All resource files have a relative path, e.g. "fileadmin/stylesheet.css". In
the fileadmin directory there is also a script called "senden.php" which I use
to transmit data provided by users in a contact form. The corresponding HTML
tag reads: <FORM action="fileadmin/senden.php" ...>.

After executing the "automatic web site copy" mode I found that all the links
to resources (images, CSS stylesheet" were untouched as I had expected. In
contrast, Httrack had converted the relative path to the senden.php script in
the "action" attribute to an absolute one, i.e.

That means I cannot simply copy the contents of the static pages directory to
my web server, Instead, I first have to correct the "action" attribute.

Is there an option (GUI accessible preferred) to prevent Httrack from adapting
URLs in the <FORM> tag? And why at all does Httrack treat normal links and the
path in the "action" attribute differently?
Any help is greatly appreciated.



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