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Subject: Preserving "empty" local relative links
Author: Joel Garza
Date: 11/27/2006 20:55
I am using a local CMS to generate HTML content for hosting on a static site.
Local links to content within the CMS are all handled as relative links, and
external links are preserved. That is all working correctly.

The challenge I am having is where I need to link to files/content maintained
by someone else that will be stored in the same static site. My local relative
links I am coding are not preserved in the captured output, presumably because
they don't "work" in the CMS.

There will be a folder on the site called "docs" containing various files. On
the production site, I would like to link to these as href="docs/sample1.doc".
The problem is the links are getting renamed to

I have looked through the forums and have been fiddling with output options
but have not come up with the correct combination, presuming it is possible.

My out at the moment is to run a script on the output files to zap the
<http://localhost/folder/blah/> from the links. 

Any guidance is appreciated.

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