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Subject: Combining Wget and Httrack
Author: Gustavo
Date: 12/26/2006 18:50

I'm using both wget and httrack together to download web sites with their
content. The reason I'm doing this is because wget seems to download files
faster than httrack (let me know if I'm wrong or if I'm missing command line
parameters to speed up the download). I use wget to download all content files
like videos, images and flash. Then I use httrack to download some aspx pages
with links. I'd like to be able to change the links to the media files without
httrack trying to download the files. So if I have an index.aspx with a tag
like this:

<img src= />

I can have wget download the video first but then I'd like httrack to download
my index.aspx and change the above tag to something like:

<img src="..\Files\video1.mpg" />

Is this possible?

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