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Subject: Re: Combining Wget and Httrack
Author: S. Brosio
Date: 01/14/2007 19:10
For a long time I had a problem with downloading many of the same files over
and over, instead of just the latest updates to a specific directory.  After
posting to this forum several times and trying several different products, I
had given up hope.  

You're mentioning of Wget solved my problem.  Its the one application I had
not seen or tried.  I now combine wget with httrack to get the result I need. 
It is working great.  I think the simplicity of wget makes it ideal for the
updating of a directory of files.  Of course you can't do multi-theading like
you can with httack, but I can live with that.  The amount of time I am saving
not downloading the same files over and over makes it well worth it.  

I know that this post does not help with your question, but I thought you
might enjoy hearing that your post helped me figure out a solution to my

S. Brosio
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