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Subject: ISO 9660 Compliance
Author: Chris
Date: 02/27/2007 07:37
I have seen the discussion on the DOS/ISO9660 compliance and the promises to
correct it.  Some of those were several years ago.

What's the status on this bug.

I realize that this product is free and, frankly, I think it is great.  I just
have a project due that requires ISO9660 Level 1 and the hyphens (-) are
killing me.

Is something due to be released, is there a way I can configure the tool to
use underscores instead of hyphens, or should I just look for another product
out there?
By the way, I am in agreement with changing the DOS checkbox to ISO9660 Level
1 and the current ISO box to Level 2.

In the meantime, however, I think if you replace the hyphen with an
underscore, your duplicate naming algorithm should still work.


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