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Subject: Re: ISO 9660 Compliance
Author: Chris
Date: 03/02/2007 17:16
Does anybody know anything about this? I see in the changelog
( that in version 4.20 this issue
was supposedly addressed (Fixed: iso-9660 option now using '_' for collision

Has it already been broken or am I misunderstanding this item?
Just for reference, what I am seeing is the following:
The two files named

are being downloaded as

The odd part is that the hyphens in the original filename are being converted
to underscores correctly.  But then a hyphen is incorrectly added prior to the
number - weird.

This could easily be solved by either making the added hyphen into an
underscore (i.e. MY_FIL_2.HTM) or by dumping the hyphen altogether (i.e.

Is this still a bug (if so, are there any plans to fix this)?
Or was it fixed an then un-fixed (if so, can I get the old version somehow)?  
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