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Subject: Active Server pages as text/html
Author: shwaltz
Date: 03/19/2007 16:34
I have tried unsucessfully with version 3.41.20 and 3.32.03
to mirror a very simple site.  It works great except for getting several .asp
pages.  The .asp pages are simple text with images and I wish them to be
converted to text/html and the references to them changed to static html

httrack simply mirrors the page which references them and keeps their
reference as .asp.  The .asp files are not downloaded as html text files, but
are missing.  I see no messages in the log referring to an error or denial.

I have used this syntax ...
httrack <> -O /var/www/tmp --mirror --sockets=1
--max-time=180 --max-rate=100000 -B -F "Mozilla 1.0, Sparc, Solaris 23.54.34"

I use -B because the .asp pages are in the same major domain, but on a
different web site in that domain.

I have also tried using the --assume asp=text/html with the same result.  

What may be causing this behavior.  The documentation infers that the default
behavior is to convert the asp to text and change the referring links.

many thanks

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03/19/2007 16:34
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