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Subject: Re: Active Server pages as text/html
Author: Dan_A
Date: 03/26/2007 14:30
> I have tried unsucessfully with version 3.41.20 and
> 3.32.03
> to mirror a very simple site.  It works great except
> for getting several .asp pages.  The .asp pages are
> simple text with images and I wish them to be
> converted to text/html and the references to them
> changed to static html files.

I use httrack on both Windows (GUI) and Solaris (cmd line).  I have only tried
to mirror .asp sites on Windows, but was only as successful as you were.  I
cannot use httrack to mirror .asp, .jsp, javascript or .swf pages/elements.

If there are only a few .asp pages you might try fixing the rest of the mirror

Sorry about the bad news.
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