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Subject: Extensions that actually return other extensions
Author: Meyer
Date: 06/21/2007 18:48
One of the links on page is to a file with the extension of .rm that if you
click on it actually returns a .ram file. 

link is:

will return:

The actual .rm file has maybe 100 embedded links in it with non-typable
characters at some point.  What happens is the copier tries to download
thousands of links that are pretty much non existent and garbage. I don't know
why the site does it this way but I'm sure they have their reason. 

Is there any way the copier can get links as if they were requested from a
browser just like an asp or php should be processed by the host server instead
of bringing down the actual .rm file?  As you can see, I get thousands of
garbage links and never get the actual .ram file as I would in a browser


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06/21/2007 18:48


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